paintbrushes in canPainting is an ancient art form that is still thriving today. Humans have progressed from painting on cave walls to creating beauty and inspiration on every type of surface imaginable.

While those cave paintings required no more than a brush (made from animal hair) and paint (made from dirt or soot mixed with animal fat), today’s painters enjoy thousands of tools and mediums to choose from.

Painters may classify themselves as specializing in oils, watercolors, acrylics, gouache, tempera, ink, or encaustic. Each of these mediums has its own subset of specialized tools and supplies.

And with the privilege of so many choices, we need information to help us weigh our options and make the best selections for our purposes. That’s where Your Craft Finder comes in.

person painting with watercolorsYou may be a plein air painter, and need guidance on an easel for travel. Should you get a French easel? A pochade box with a tripod? Or perhaps you wish to set up your own home studio to hone your abilities with acrylics, and seek direction on lighting and seating.

Palettes, canvases, brushes, paints, and all the varied tools and supplies – we work to find the best of each, and provide you with reviews and opinions to help demystify your options.